Baby Slippers Green-Leather

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I bought these Baby Slippers and I’m very happy with my purchase. They look very nice and the quality is also very good. I love the fact it’s made out of green-leather, because you really want the best for your little girl..)

– Lisa

MyFirstShoes – Ecological, environment friendly Babyslippers

My first shoes are designed by a mother who could not find the right kind of footwear for her baby. She designed and made her own baby slipper that made her baby smile. In a small studio she started to produce a few pairs to give out as a present to a few of her friends. They couldn’t be more enthusiastic! Soon after that retailers were highly interested in MFS.

Nowadays the baby slippers are produced by an experienced footwear producer that complies to environmental and fair trade demands.

DMy first shoes are only made out of the best A-quality GREEN LEATHER. Perfect for a baby slipper because of the soft touch and warm feeling on the feet of the baby. Just like you walk barefoot! 🙂

MFS have a velcro strap so that the slippers are impossible to kick off and so baby proof! MFS are hip, comfortable and environmental friendly, what not to like!? The perfect gift to friends or to your own…